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Hospice Team

Our services are conducted by a multi-disciplinary hospice team. Get to know them and what they can do for your family.

We hope that we can alleviate your situation at home.

  • Physicians

    Provides clinical services that reflect the organization’s philosophy and mission; to provide dignity, compassion, and comfort for persons on the journey to life’s end. The care will reduce the physical, psychosocial and spiritual suffering and increase the quality of life for patients and families.

  • Nurses

    Skilled in assessing and managing pain. They are trained caregivers who provide hands-on care.

  • Medical Social Worker

    Available as friendly and skilled listeners to help provide emotional support and to help with financial issues and planning.

  • Certified Home Health Aides

    Help with personal care, such as bathing or dental care, and also can help with light housekeeping, light laundry, heating meals and short errands.

  • Chaplains

    Can work with the family’s clergy and offer spiritual support.

  • Volunteers

    Available to spend time when they are needed most.

  • Bereavement Specialists

    Provide grief and loss counseling, memorial services and other support for family and loved ones.

  • Dietitians

    Provides quality nutrition education to patients, families, and staff. This education may be accomplished through one-one-one visits, group classes, or by providing written materials. The RD will be responsible for menu planning and oversight.

  • Physical Therapists

    Maximizing functional ability and comfort to enhance quality of life; assuring patient and care giver safety; helping people redesign their lives and life goals; providing support around physical, emotional, and spiritual issues at the end of life.

  • Occupational Therapists

    Practitioners help clients find relief from pain and suffering and improve their quality of life by supporting their engagement in daily life occupations that clients find meaningful and purposeful. The occupational therapy practitioner considers environmental and contextual factors (e.g., caregiver training, accessibility of objects or places in the environment, social contacts available to prevent isolation), as well as personal factors (e.g., decreased endurance, increased anxiety) that may be limiting a client’s abilities and satisfaction when performing desired occupations. The occupational therapy practitioner collaborates with the client and family members throughout the occupational therapy process to identify occupations that are especially meaningful and to incorporate strategies that support occupational engagement. Loss of independence and role can result in social death prior to biological death. Occupational therapy can help a person to adopt new and appropriate functions and roles and to maintain self-esteem.

  • Speech Therapists
    • Communication: Develop strategies to help patients communicate pain changes to their caregivers or their wants/needs regarding end of life.
    • Cognition: Provide training to caregivers regarding cognitive status and cuing needed for maximizing independence.
    • Swallowing and eating: Educating families and patients regarding deficits and recommending strategies that will improve the patient’s quality of life.
    • Hearing: Problem-solve hearing loss as a barrier to communication. Facilitate strategy use to reduce impairment caused by hearing loss.
  • Other
    • Respite care: Patient may stay in a hospital, other inpatient center or nursing home for up to five days if caregiver needs a rest from their care giving responsibilities
    • Continuous Care: Sometimes a medical crisis occurs that needs close attention. When this happens, skilled care may be brought into your home for up to 24 hours to possibly avert the need for a hospital visit. When the crisis is over, you can return to routine care.

Services OFFERED

Our services are conducted by a multi-disciplinary hospice team. Get to know them and their functions:

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